As the OAC continues to keep a close eye on COVID-19, we know that change and uncertainty can make it challenging to manage weight and health. Especially now, we hope you'll turn to OAC for credible education and support, knowing we have your back.

Here's a look at some of the resources we've been sharing this past week and what we're doing to continue advocating on behalf of patients. There's more resources and engagement opportunities on the horizon, so stay tuned through the coming weeks!



With elective procedures being delayed nationwide, this may pose challenges to patients awaiting bariatric surgery who are currently part of a medical weight management program through their insurance. During this time, OAC is asking insurance providers to suspend pre-surgical requirements and offer alternative resources to help patients prepare for bariatric surgery.

You can read more about this effort on our Blog. If you are being directly affected by this issue, please let us know by submitting to OAC's Access to Care Reporting Tool


Social distancing doesn't mean social isolation! These platforms can help you connect with others who are part of the OAC and express your challenges, concerns and more as they relate to health:

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